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Katoomba TaxisWe are one of the longest running Taxi Cooperatives in the country and have serviced the people of the Blue Mountains for over 40 years. We are proud to say we know our local customers personally and endeavour to be the friendly face of point to point transport.

Today our service is enhanced by technology and we are able to respond to the needs of our customers. We offer a range of vehicles to suit the needs of the individual: Sedans, station wagons, and a wheelchair accessible taxi service

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Katoomba Taxis

We can take you to local destinations and further afield. Our drivers regularly take customers to Sydney Airport, Jenolan Caves, and Mount Wilson and anywhere in between. We can even organise a specialised and personal tour of the area to assist you to make the most of your time here in the beautiful Blue Mountains.

If you have a particular need or require local travel advice, please enquire via our friendly Operations Manager Noel Courtney on 02 4782 1209.

Katoomba TaxisWe have many famous local events here in Katoomba and Leura, notably the Leura Garden Festival, the Blue Mountains Music Festival, Lady Luck Weekend and Octoberfest, and many other events. We can help you make the most of these by getting you where you need to be in the most efficient and friendly way.

Katoomba TaxisOur wheelchair accessible taxis are available however it is advisable to book to ensure availability. Our wheelchair accessible taxi drivers are fully trained and proficient, ensuring your safety and comfort at all times. Our vehicles have worked for many years with local nursing homes providing a much needed service to our community and a pleasant, reliable, and friendly face to all customers.

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Katoomba Taxis are available for advertising. Local businesses can advertise to the local market 24 hours a day with high visibility mobile ads. Talks to us about advertising today 02 4782 1209.


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